Antonia.[50+ and "now finally truly fit"]

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"If your Personal Trainer offers you nothing more than what you can find on the internet or a set of moves without correcting your programing or extending your good programming, you get what you pay for!

Think about giving yourself true value to find your own internal root causes for a truer reflection for your desired external look, function, or both.

My intersection with this Wise & Truthful Sage was a collaboration for success beyond simply weight loss and body sculpting...
(but of course, those happened, too)!

With his knowledge and capabilities about the Truth of how our Energy works and your engagement with it, it is a recipe for success that extends well beyond just learning a new exercise move. 

From the basics of weight loss, fixing structural problems to more of your Truth & Value being discovered….apply for consideration soon, with Doug Bates, for this truly remarkable value-added Service & Collaboration."