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Erin Harvey, MD. 30 yrs young.
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    Jeff Walden
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    I have been seeing Doug for 2 years and I am younger and stronger then I have ever been.

    My family has been astounded at my transformation.
    He is able to see energetically what others are not able to see and works with that energy to manifest vitality.

    I highly recommend this type of training over anything else.

    Lauri Hoffman
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    I've been training with Doug for at least five years.

    He has deep knowledge of training, health and movement and is extremely passionate about helping and challenging his clients.

    While some trainers know lots of exercises and when to use them, Doug's knowledge runs deeper: he reminds me of an expert improvisational musician, using all his abilities on-the-fly to come up with variations on movement that are deceptively simple, sometimes unconventional, but always tuned precisely for what I need that day.

    Sebastian Romella
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    Doug is a great and knowledgeable trainer! A1 with the slight, but necessary adjustments that change the workout completely! He makes the workout specific to you and you goals, and even how you are feeling! Again extremely knowledgeable.

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    Aaron H.
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    Been working out with the genius Doug Bates for almost 2 years and I am amazed at the results.

    Not just physical but mental clarity and digestive/immune system reboot is unbelievable.

    Everyone should give Better Results personal training a try.

    I'm a lifer now.

    Alicia Heintz
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    I have been training with Doug for the last 10 years and I am physically,mentally and spiritually more fit than ever.

    He is a creative and gifted trainer with a vast knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology and anatomy/physiology who is able to apply his unique set of principles and convey those principles to his clients.

    His approach to exercise is always evolving and not cookie cutter type.

    The exercises challenge me and are bringing me to the next level of fitness that I never thought could be possible.

    Doug is the best trainer I have ever encountered and thinks outside the box.

    Truly a genius and wonderful instrument of God who has blessed my life.

    Better results and better life is what you will get with Doug as your personal trainer.

    Robert Alexander
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    Doug is truly one of a kind personal trainer. In over 3 years of training, I have not repeated the same workout twice. He always listens to my body and gives me the appropriate exercises for my body on that particular day. At just one workout a week he has transformed my body on the physical, mental and emotional level. Doug has been a great blessing in my life and I look forward to our continued partnership.

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    Jeffrey Langlois, CN, ND, CNC
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    I have worked with Doug Bates for the past 14 years and have referred family, friends and clients who like me are interested in long term health and vitality! His positive guidance and encouragement have helped me lose and keep off 55 pounds while giving me the tools to create health.

    Doug's expertise in all areas of whole body fitness are unmatched! He researches to find best practices for health - body (inside and out), mind, and soul.

    I look forward to my "workouts" which are filled with movements to get me functionally fit, de-age me from the inside, and balance out my energies.

    I highly recommend Doug Bates as a personal trainer and health and vitality expert!

    Fran Gramble
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    "Let me start by saying, as my trainer for over a decade now:
    "Doug Bates is a prolific Truth seeker of a Noble Profession for living in a body !"
    More than a Personal Trainer, he is an Energy Guru whose own Energy is palpable and evident both internally and externally.

    He is definitely well ahead of the curve and beyond.

    From his over 25+ years of experience and client hours of what we call Personal Training, Doug Bates will help you break down old programming that does not serve you - and is likely unwittingly "holding your body's health hostage"-!

    Admittedly, it is not always a comfortable process,...
    ...but neither is the disease, premature aging, or unwelcome weight gain.

    Real challenges being met are needed for your growth, life force, and vitality into the passage time.

    It has been my experience from his coaching and consultation over the last several years, if you’re not ready for direct, straight talk with compassion then do not apply here. However, you want this type of Personal Trainer and Warrior on your side.

    Simply put, It is a rewarding process to obtain what you truly need & desire."

    (Tanya Z. 52)
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    "If your Personal Trainer offers you nothing more than what you can find on the internet or a set of moves without correcting your programing or extending your good programming, you get what you pay for!

    Think about giving yourself true value to find your own internal root causes for a truer reflection for your desired external look, function, or both.

    My intersection with this Wise & Truthful Sage was a collaboration for success beyond simply weight loss and body sculpting...
    (but of course, those happened, too)!

    With his knowledge and capabilities about the Truth of how our Energy works and your engagement with it, it is a recipe for success that extends well beyond just learning a new exercise move. 

    From the basics of weight loss, fixing structural problems to more of your Truth & Value being discovered….apply for consideration soon, with Doug Bates, for this truly remarkable value-added Service & Collaboration."

    Antonia.[50+ and "now finally truly fit"]
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    Doug's approach to health and anti-aging are revitalizing my human experience.

    His simple and effective methods of exercise have increased my vitality exponentially. 

    Knowledgeable? YES!
    In your face? YES! 
    Better results? Absolutely!!!


    JT (60), Milwaukee WI
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    I have been working with Doug for about 6 months and feel years younger. I no longer rely on my chiropractor to get me through the week. My workouts are perfect for my physical condition and level of experience. Doug Bates is a superior trainer. He shares his vast knowledge of nutritional information to help with your physical transformation. My body and mind are much stronger; I've lost weight and feel great.

    Thank you Doug

    A Heintz, 54 years young and looking forward to my best years to come.

    Alicia Bergeson
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    Getting fit doesn’t happen with one visit. I’ve been going 2-3 times a week for the last 5+ years to undo 50+ years of physical labor and a toxic environment.

    Never the same. Simple yet effective. BEST thing that I could EVER do for myself.

    Joe Tretow