(Tanya Z. 52)

Author: Better Results Personal Training |

"Let me start by saying, as my trainer for over a decade now:
"Doug Bates is a prolific Truth seeker of a Noble Profession for living in a body !"
More than a Personal Trainer, he is an Energy Guru whose own Energy is palpable and evident both internally and externally.

He is definitely well ahead of the curve and beyond.

From his over 25+ years of experience and client hours of what we call Personal Training, Doug Bates will help you break down old programming that does not serve you - and is likely unwittingly "holding your body's health hostage"-!

Admittedly, it is not always a comfortable process,...
...but neither is the disease, premature aging, or unwelcome weight gain.

Real challenges being met are needed for your growth, life force, and vitality into the passage time.

It has been my experience from his coaching and consultation over the last several years, if you’re not ready for direct, straight talk with compassion then do not apply here. However, you want this type of Personal Trainer and Warrior on your side.

Simply put, It is a rewarding process to obtain what you truly need & desire."