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Exercise can transform your physical, mental, and spiritual state.

If you’re looking for a personal fitness trainer that can impact all three, you need to put in the research to find the ideal trainer that matches your expectations.

This likely means combining sufficient reading with your own gut instincts, plus actually going through the reviews you find online, - and in the end,- ACTUALLY SPEAKING with the trainer, or with those clients who’ve worked with that trainer.


At Better Results Personal Training, we are confident about the fitness services we provide and will not shy away from giving you references.

In fact, we will be happy to tell you why we are at the very top in the fitness industry.

The conversation will make it obvious what sets “better results” apart.


With over THIRTY YEARS OF SUCCESS in the fitness industry, and with many on-going long-term happy clients, we are always happy to talk with sincere health enthusiasts.

If you’re truly looking for an exceptional personal fitness trainer, here are FIVE SHORT reasons why we are the best at what we do.



The experienced and enthusiastic practitioner, Doug Bates, does not practice the common error of biological reductionism.

He wisely instead believes in assessing and incorporating the many often “not-so-obvious” emotional and energetic factors that may be impacting you and your results; - - and then assisting the clientele to come to know how "these typically forgotten, ignored, or hidden factors", - can and often truly need to be addressed - to make up a healthy lifestyle.

Doug also respects that everyone’s body is not the same, nor is their emotional state "fixed", as noted above. 

Accordingly,... In addition to SAFETY & TRUE EFFICACY,...

DYNAMISM & CREATIVE INVENTIVENESS lead the workouts, - - reducing boredom, and allowing for continued progress.



Our exercise style improves performance by enhancing your wellbeing.

Mood chemicals within your brain trigger endorphins that bring about a state of euphoria, IMPROVED FOCUS, JOY and SATISFACTION.

Increased brain cognition also enables decision making to sharpen.

The workouts, - - and the highly rare and unique specific forms & sequencings used, - - are all specifically designed to enhance the proper neurotransmitter balance

Thus, exhaustion is not a risk, as mood and energy levels actually go up during the workout, not down.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - CLIENTS REPORT THEY STAY ELEVATED - !

Achieving optimal results every workout becomes the new norm, and sets up the body for future  "MOOD, MIND, & HAPPINESS GAINS", - - NOT JUST "MUSCLE GAINS".



We enhance your gut flora by recommending the right kind of exercises - & DIET - that impact intestinal health!

Certain dietary habits are essential,- obviously,- but are not always self evident.  For instance, be prepared to learn that a “high fiber” diet is not a “cure-all", and could actually lead to trouble in certain instances. 

Improving one's diet and the functioning of your digestive tract is often one of the hidden essential elements that all can positively impact rates of muscle gain, fat loss, immunity, and endurance.


It will also favorably impact rates of aging and "EPIGENETICS", which is the capacity to OVERCOME ADVERSE HEREDITARY GENETICS.



The style of training at Better Results Personal Training allows one to improve one's 'character' and 'personality' through THE REMEDIATION OF SPINAL, ORGAN, GLAND, NERVE, BRAIN, LYMPHATIC, & HORMONE ACTIVATION


Over time the exercises that we (and you) conduct become natural and form part of your regular habits.



Our methods empower clients to become additionally gifted at work, or in their hobbies, - - and in their self" and “inter-personal” relationships - - both.

The rare form of exercises utilized, - - when interspersed with the just the right supportive introspective chat and dialogue, - - provides increased awareness, better self-assessment, and intuitive responsiveness.

It also provides an OVERALL UPLIFTING OF ENERGIES that encourages people to start a new business, think creatively, and take up new challenges such as music and sport!

Simply put, it all leads to MORE "PERSONAL HUMAN CAPITAL, thereby increasing significantly one’s income potential, and offering MORE PERSONAL FREEDOM & AWARENESS in your life.

As a leading personal fitness trainer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we ensure that we exceed expectations and always put your long term best interests first.

We serve clients across Oak Creek, Greenfield, Glendale, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Port Washington, Delafield, Racine, Kenosha, Burlington, Wisconsin.

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